If you are a CPA – Don’t Fall Victim to Professional Identity Theft

You are at your desk working on the monthly financial statements when the mailroom drops off a letter from your state Board of Accountancy. You think this is unusual because you paid your dues several months ago, and they shouldn’t be due for two more years. When you open the… Read more »

Data Breaches: What Accountants & Auditors Need to Know

The theft of information, also known as a data breach, is a crime that was virtually unknown two decades ago but is flourishing in the 21st century. A data breach is defined as the theft of personal information including names, Social Security Numbers, birth dates, medical information, driver’s license numbers,… Read more »

Are you friends with a sockpuppet?

Is your personal information safe on your social media sites? Unfortunately, many people will accept any friend requests they receive putting them at greater risk for identity theft. In the increasingly active world of identity theft criminals have to find ways gather information on their victims. One common way of… Read more »

Cash flow tools you must use- even if you’re consistently profitable

“I’m sorry- I’ll have to check with my manager.” Well, that’s odd, I thought to myself. I was in a bank teller line about 15 years ago, cashing a check from a fairly new client. I’d been paid 2-3 time before, but I’d simply deposited the cash at my bank…. Read more »