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Phishing for Employee Tax Information

  What it is and History Identity thieves are trying to obtain personal information in order to misappropriate personal identifying information and steal from the victims. A phishing scheme that was popular in 2016, and that will probably be tried in 2017 is spoofing organizations for payroll records. The Treasury… Read more »

Child Identity Theft: What is it, how to detect it, and how to Prevent it

Child identity theft occurs when the fraudster steals the identity of a person under legal age, which in most states is 18 years old. The criminals want to get the child’s Social Security Number so they can use that to create a new “stolen” identity. The most common type of… Read more »

If you are a CPA – Don’t Fall Victim to Professional Identity Theft

You are at your desk working on the monthly financial statements when the mailroom drops off a letter from your state Board of Accountancy. You think this is unusual because you paid your dues several months ago, and they shouldn’t be due for two more years. When you open the… Read more »